How to recognize a good loan offer

That a good loan should be as cheap as possible, is obvious. But before the loan comes first the loan offer. And even here you have to succeed in separating the wheat from the chaff. You may have asked several banks and credit intermediaries for funding. And maybe you have an offer from different places in prospect. Then you have to find out which offer is really good.

This is how you find the best loan offer

This is how you find the best loan offer

The most important criterion at the very beginning: Your loan offer should be free. Some brokers lure many new prospects with the promise of very generous lending. A concrete offer, and that’s the big catch on the matter, but they send only for cash.

In plain English: You should first pay money here before you get your loan proposal.

Experts advise: Stay away from such offers and prefer to go to providers who work for you without any cost.

A very good adress is undoubtedly Crediter. There is the free loan guarantee guarantee: You never have to pay a penny in advance to get your offer.

Credit offers from many different banks

Credit offers from many different banks

Some credit intermediaries are essentially only working with one or two banks. This severely restricts opportunities for customers and, in many cases, leads to less attractive interest rates. Again, Crediter is quite different: If you ask for a loan there, then your request ends up not only with a bank, but with up to 20 different lenders. These include banks in Germany and abroad, investors, brokers, etc. The range of the search is therefore much larger. This means you have a higher chance of a faster loan commitment and lower interest rates. Because Cre Loan always procures the loan you want from the lender that has the best conditions.

The loan offer must be easy to understand

The loan offer must be easy to understand

The third important factor for a really good offer is its comprehensibility. If you receive the offer by e-mail, you must be able to see all the details with just a few glances. Crediter builds up its offers in exactly the following way: You can see how low the effective interest rate turns out, which monthly rate results for a specific term and find information on the total loan amount. There are no hidden costs and no pitfalls, everything is presented clearly and clearly. Would you like to have a really good loan offer tomorrow? One that obliges you to nothing and is totally free for you? Then send your loan request right away. Click here for the online loan request.

Fair interest for your instant loan

Golden Times for Loans: Never before has it been so easy to compare the terms of different lenders and pick the best deal. Just a quick request with Crediter is enough: Send today your loan request, and in many cases, you have at the latest tomorrow, a concrete offer on the table. This is not “any” credit, but a precisely tailored to your needs loan on top conditions.

The best instant loan from 20 banks

The best instant loan from 20 banks

Crediter is not just looking for a loan for you at a single bank, but up to 20 different lenders. The bank that wants to get the deal, so really offer low interest rates. Crediter negotiates intensively for you so that you benefit from really fair interest on your instant loan.

But do not worry: Crediter for you to take action, you do not need to pay a penny in advance. You are guaranteed no pre-cost and you do not enter into any commitment.

  • You do not have to accept the instant loan that Crediter finds for you.
  • Only if you really want to call the loan amount.
  • It is not better and fairer.

This instant loan is tailor made

Crediter assists you in your search for an instant loan as a strong partner. Finally, it’s not about the interests of the banks, who want to make as much money as possible – but it’s about you and your credit. You want the lowest possible interest rates and a fair settlement for your loan. Crediter makes sure that these wishes come true. The experts look for the perfect financing for you and accompany you from the free loan request to the disbursement of the loan amount. If you have questions or need support, you will always find a competent contact person.

  • If you submit your loan application for free now, you often already know after 24 hours on what terms you can get a loan. You have every freedom:
  • Check the offer in peace and then decide if you want the loan.
  • To initiate the withdrawal, simply send the signed loan agreement back to Crediter.
  • If you decide against the loan, that’s no problem either. Then you just delete the offer, and then the matter is done for you. Of course, there are no costs for you in this case either.

As you can see, Crediter is completely fair and open. You can ask free of charge and without risk for an instant loan. 

Your loan offer really does not cost a cent

Credit offer for free

When looking for a cheap loan on the internet you will find some reputable and even more questionable deals. Special care is required if you are to be asked to pay at the beginning. More vendors than you might want to think about charging you immediately. The motto here: “First pay a sum X – then you get the chance of a loan.” Mind you: the chance. So it is by no means certain that you will actually receive a loan approval after you have made your payment.

Your loan offer must always be free

Experts therefore advise: Stay away from offers with costs! With Crediter, you have found a fair and competent partner who works for you without any pre-charge. This means you can send your request for free, and you will receive your personal offer without a penny of fees.

Free quote for your loan

Is a free quote like the one you get from Cre loan, worse than an expensive offer? Not at all – rather the opposite. Because many a loan offer that costs upfront fees, disappointed with quite high interest rates. This fuels the suspicion that the main thing here is to earn your fees. The goal of really helping you with a loan, however, is not recognizable. This is completely different with Crediter. Here, your loan has the highest priority. The experts at Crediter are only satisfied when they have found a really attractive loan for you. And they are convinced that they can almost always make you a good offer.

The best loan from 20 lenders

The best loan from 20 lenders

Crediter invests a lot of energy and time into the offer you receive most quickly by e-mail. With up to 20 different lenders looking for a loan for you, so that you benefit from the best possible conditions. Even if the research is very extensive, you will not be charged any initial costs. You can count on this promise from Crediter. Try it – you risk nothing and do not commit yourself. But you can already have a concrete offer tomorrow with conditions that inspire you on the table. 

Loans via the Internet: How to find reputable providers

When looking for a cheap loan today you have much better cards than 10 or 20 years ago. At the time, you could possibly visit the banks in your city. If the advisors lowered their fingers there, then you had bad luck: no credit and virtually no alternatives. With the rapid spread of the Internet, the situation has turned 180 degrees. Today you are no longer dependent on getting help from local banks. Rather, you can de facto search for a loan worldwide.

Loans via the Internet – what you have to look out for

Loans via the Internet - what you have to look out for

There is a serious problem: Especially on the Internet is a large number of dubious providers. The anonymity of the data network unfortunately attracts windy wheelers, with whom you certainly do not want to have anything to do. However, the “black sheep” are not always recognizable at first glance. Therefore, it is important that you are not alone in finding a loan, but get competent support.

Cre loan helps consumers in Germany for over 40 years in finding cheap loans. The experts know the really good and reputable lenders. And they are also happy to help you find the optimal financing.

This is how you get loans via the internet

This is how you get loans via the internet

For Crediter to become active for you, all you need to do is submit your free loan request.

  • Filling in the form takes just two minutes of your time.
  • Afterwards you can relax and take care of other things.
  • Crediter will process your request immediately and will send you a first assessment of your credit opportunities very quickly.
  • After that begins the concrete search: If necessary, Crediter asks up to 20 possible lenders for a loan for you. It is negotiated hard and struggled for the best conditions. Finally, your offer should include the lowest possible annual interest rates.

You think that sounds like intense work? There you are exactly right. But do not worry: Crediter is guaranteed to be active for you without any pre-charge. So you do not have to pay a penny in advance to benefit from the concentrated expertise of the credit experts.

Fast loans via the Internet

Fast loans via the Internet

In addition to low interest rates, most borrowers also want a very quick settlement. Crediter will therefore send you your personal offer via e-mail so that you can have it on the table as soon as possible. Possible questions can also be clarified very quickly by e-mail or on the phone. Only the loan agreement must be signed and returned by post. That’s what the legislator has set. If you are currently looking for a loan and are looking for a serious solution to your request, then you should now use the free Crediter online form.

Loans without private credit: You should know

Are you no longer getting credit from your bank? Have you also made inquiries at other money houses, all of which were rejected? Perhaps negative entries in private credit are to blame for not getting fresh money. A negative private credit comes about faster than many consumers think. Deleting entries once made is much more difficult. Many information about you is stored for many years in the credit report. And even if your financial situation is much more positive again after some time, the bad private credit information remains a block on your leg. It massively restricts your financial freedom of movement.

Loans without private credit are the solution

Loans without private credit are the solution

If you no longer want to accept this, you can opt for loans without private credit. Crediter is familiar with loans that are awarded despite bad private credit and with loans without private credit. It is not without reason that Crediter is considered one of the first addresses for difficult cases.

Even without private credit information on the loan

Even without private credit information on the loan

The experts at Crediter sometimes start there properly, where others have long since stopped. Maybe your bank wants to put you off with a premature rejection of your credit. But you do not have to put up with that, because with bad credit a bad private credit is not a problem per se. You can also get cheap instant loans from various donors domestically and abroad if negative information about you is stored in the information. Some lenders even have loans without private credit in the program.

Here, no query is made at the private credit in the course of the credit check, and the financing is not reported to the private credit. So no one but you and the financing bank will know anything about this loan: not your bank, not your employer, and nobody else. It is precisely this discretion that ensures that debt-free loans are perfect ancillary loans. They can usually accept smaller sums in addition to existing loans without any problems.

Apply for loans without private credit

At Crediter your request is always free. It does not matter if you are interested in a regular loan or a loan without private credit. Usually Crediter always looks for a normal loan first – and often succeeds if you have a bad private credit. If no financing can be realized in this way, the non-private credit variant will be the focus instead. Here, however, the interest rates are slightly higher. In addition, loans without information are not possible in unlimited amounts. Crediter informs you about the details free of charge and without obligation.

A reliable offer for your loan

If you’re looking for a cheap loan, Cre Loan can help you quickly and effectively. If you place your free inquiry now, it will usually only take a day until your personal offer. This loan offer, which you are guaranteed to receive without any pre-charge, will be created individually for you. It is completely non-binding for you, but binding for the bank – that’s the big difference to many other offers that you will find especially on the Internet in many places. There advertise banks and credit intermediaries with a “non-binding offer”. Unfortunately, it is not only not binding for you, but also for the potential lender.

What is important in the offer for your loan

So, if you decide to apply for a loan and ask for the loan agreement, then you will suddenly find completely different conditions than before. A seemingly cheap loan therefore costs significantly more money. You have wasted valuable time searching for credit and have only two options: either you continue your search for a loan from other providers. Or you bite into the sour apple and accept an interest rate that is well above the initially promised rate. Crediter proves that there is another way. If you receive a free offer here, then exactly these conditions for your loan have stock.

Get free quote for your loan

This is what real customer service looks like from Crediter: You commit yourself to nothing with your free credit inquiry, so the individual offer is actually non-binding for you. The banking partners with whom Crediter cooperates, however, are bound by the loan offer. After reviewing the offer, if you choose to call your loan, you no longer face expensive surprises. Rather, you know what you are from the beginning.

An offer that is not binding on the bank, brings you nothing. Because how do you want to make a sensible decision about your finances, if you do not know the actual conditions? In order to reach a meaningful decision, you need reliable information. And this is exactly what Crediter offers you with the free offer for your loan. Countless satisfied customers have already found cheap loans with Crediter – you too can soon be one of them. Simply submit your request here and you will receive your personal offer within 24 hours.

How to find the optimal loan amount

In order for you to be happy with your loan in the long term, the loan must fit well with you. So you should be able to easily afford the monthly installment. How high your rate will be depends very much on the loan amount and the chosen term. It therefore makes sense to think about the amount of funding.

Carefully choose the loan amount

Carefully choose the loan amount

Instead of simply entering a sum in your credit application “from the gut”, you should better determine your needs. If you want to make a certain investment and, for example, purchase a car or furniture, the sum is quickly fixed. But if you want to reschedule, for example, you need to spend a little more time calculating.

Increase loan amount and replace old debts

Increase loan amount and replace old debts

So far, you may be paying two, three, or more times your monthly installments. If credit and financing contracts are older, interest rates are likely to be too high by today’s standards. A replacement of old debts by a new and much cheaper instant loan makes sense.

For Crediter to help you find a cheap loan, you need to know your needs. So you should add the remaining debt to the various lenders. In this way, you will receive the sum that you must at least receive as a loan in order to be able to replace the existing obligations. So that one or the other unexpected issue does not immediately tear a big hole, you can usefully take into account a little additional “buffer”.

Count on “sharp feather”

A tip: Always calculate with “sharp feather” when determining the loan amount. If you borrow significantly more money than you actually need, you are doing a bad business. You then have borrowed money in the account, where it brings you little in the face of lean savings interest. On the other hand, of course, you have to pay the agreed interest to the lender. Therefore, take only as much money as you actually need – and make sure that you do not financially accept. Crediter will help you with this and will only look for those loans that are economically sound. So you do not fall into the debt trap, but remain financially on a sound course. Here you can apply for your preferred loan.

Here you can apply for loans 24 hours a day

Will you be welcomed to your house bank with open arms for conversation? Or do you have to wait a while before you get a meeting? Not a few financial institutions divide their customers into first and second class people.

Many banks hardly grant loans

Many banks hardly grant loans

If you have little money or want to have small loans, you are more likely to be in second grade. And if you have a bad private credit, for example, then it is usually not even enough for the second grade. Then you can be glad if any of the bank’s employees have time for you. And the employee then does not necessarily care about the best solution for you – but he is looking for a way to get rid of you as quickly as possible.

You do not need to mention that you do not expect a loan commitment, but a cancellation. Fortunately, you are not helpless at the behavior of the often arrogant big banks. You can also simply contact a reliable partner such as Crediter and get a good and cheap credit there.

Simply find loans online


With Crediter you do not need to make an appointment, but you can send your request at any time of the day or night. The website with the online form is available 24 hours a day. You can also ask in the middle of the night or on Sunday for your preferred loan with or without private credit. Crediter guarantees you a fast processing of your request. Here your request for a loan does not lie, but each request is processed with the same commitment. Of course, Crediter can not satisfy every credit. But the chances of getting a loan even in difficult cases are much higher for Crediter than in many other places.

Fair loans without advance costs

Fair loans without advance costs

It often takes just a day to get a concrete offer from Crediter. The experts strive to match your loan request as exactly as possible. However, it can also happen that a loan can not be realized in the amount you have planned. Then Crediter may suggest a slightly lower loan. You have the opportunity to examine the offer created individually for you in peace and quiet. Take as much time as you want and clarify any questions you may have with credit.

You will always find a competent contact person who will help you by phone or e-mail. When all questions have been resolved, send the signed credit agreement by mail. Then, the lender transfers the money to your account immediately after the final exam.