Loans for honest repayment even with bad private credit

15 Jan

Honesty and trust are extremely important when it comes to credit. You as a loan seeker want open and transparent advice and, of course, a serious processing of your loan request. The lenders on the other side want honest customers, who repay the borrowed money in agreed installments on time. … Read More »

Never pay rent? A real estate loan makes it possible

5 Jan

Each person pays in his life at least one property – either his own or that of his landlord. If you live in a flat for decades and, for example, pay 500 euros a month, then you have a simple calculation: 500 euros by 12 months, equal to 6,000 euros … Read More »

Instant loan despite private credit

3 Jan

The number of credit intermediaries who also offer instant loans despite a negative private credit entry has risen steadily in recent years. The financing offer is aimed at people who have a negative private credit entry and have already been rejected by other banks. In the private credit name, address … Read More »