How to find the optimal loan amount

In order for you to be happy with your loan in the long term, the loan must fit well with you. So you should be able to easily afford the monthly installment. How high your rate will be depends very much on the loan amount and the chosen term. It therefore makes sense to think about the amount of funding.

Carefully choose the loan amount

Carefully choose the loan amount

Instead of simply entering a sum in your credit application “from the gut”, you should better determine your needs. If you want to make a certain investment and, for example, purchase a car or furniture, the sum is quickly fixed. But if you want to reschedule, for example, you need to spend a little more time calculating.

Increase loan amount and replace old debts

Increase loan amount and replace old debts

So far, you may be paying two, three, or more times your monthly installments. If credit and financing contracts are older, interest rates are likely to be too high by today’s standards. A replacement of old debts by a new and much cheaper instant loan makes sense.

For Crediter to help you find a cheap loan, you need to know your needs. So you should add the remaining debt to the various lenders. In this way, you will receive the sum that you must at least receive as a loan in order to be able to replace the existing obligations. So that one or the other unexpected issue does not immediately tear a big hole, you can usefully take into account a little additional “buffer”.

Count on “sharp feather”

A tip: Always calculate with “sharp feather” when determining the loan amount. If you borrow significantly more money than you actually need, you are doing a bad business. You then have borrowed money in the account, where it brings you little in the face of lean savings interest. On the other hand, of course, you have to pay the agreed interest to the lender. Therefore, take only as much money as you actually need – and make sure that you do not financially accept. Crediter will help you with this and will only look for those loans that are economically sound. So you do not fall into the debt trap, but remain financially on a sound course. Here you can apply for your preferred loan.

Here you can apply for loans 24 hours a day

Will you be welcomed to your house bank with open arms for conversation? Or do you have to wait a while before you get a meeting? Not a few financial institutions divide their customers into first and second class people.

Many banks hardly grant loans

Many banks hardly grant loans

If you have little money or want to have small loans, you are more likely to be in second grade. And if you have a bad private credit, for example, then it is usually not even enough for the second grade. Then you can be glad if any of the bank’s employees have time for you. And the employee then does not necessarily care about the best solution for you – but he is looking for a way to get rid of you as quickly as possible.

You do not need to mention that you do not expect a loan commitment, but a cancellation. Fortunately, you are not helpless at the behavior of the often arrogant big banks. You can also simply contact a reliable partner such as Crediter and get a good and cheap credit there.

Simply find loans online


With Crediter you do not need to make an appointment, but you can send your request at any time of the day or night. The website with the online form is available 24 hours a day. You can also ask in the middle of the night or on Sunday for your preferred loan with or without private credit. Crediter guarantees you a fast processing of your request. Here your request for a loan does not lie, but each request is processed with the same commitment. Of course, Crediter can not satisfy every credit. But the chances of getting a loan even in difficult cases are much higher for Crediter than in many other places.

Fair loans without advance costs

Fair loans without advance costs

It often takes just a day to get a concrete offer from Crediter. The experts strive to match your loan request as exactly as possible. However, it can also happen that a loan can not be realized in the amount you have planned. Then Crediter may suggest a slightly lower loan. You have the opportunity to examine the offer created individually for you in peace and quiet. Take as much time as you want and clarify any questions you may have with credit.

You will always find a competent contact person who will help you by phone or e-mail. When all questions have been resolved, send the signed credit agreement by mail. Then, the lender transfers the money to your account immediately after the final exam. 

Life becomes more expensive – with an instant loan you stay liquid

Do you know that too? The month is just halfway over, and already there is low tide on the account. No matter how much you save and renounce: The money is simply not enough, because again and again appear any new expenses. Rising rents and skyrocketing energy prices are not exactly making the situation any better. Have not you often wished to finally make the financial liberation? Finally, to have the certainty that even at the end of the month there will still be enough money in the account? If the situation seems familiar to you, a cheap instant loan from Crediter may be the answer.

Instant Loan with Cre Loan

You immediately get money on the account, can balance your credit balance and finally breathe again. Thanks to the currently very low interest rates, your monthly installments are very low. The quickest way to a financial cushion that will make you sleep soundly is a free credit check with Cre Loan.

Get credit online now

You can submit your credit request at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. The website and the online form for your loan application are available for you around the clock. You do not need to make an appointment, you do not have to go to the bank: If you want to find a really cheap loan, you can take the first step here and now. You can complete your free and non-binding request within two minutes and send it immediately. Until the concrete loan offer from Crediter often passes just a day. Then you decide completely free whether you want to call the instant loan or not.

Send free loan request immediately

If you want to have the loan, sign the loan agreement and send it back to Cre Loan. There, the payout can then be initiated immediately after the final exam. If you would like to clarify any open questions beforehand, you will quickly receive the answers you need from a competent contact person. And even after paying the instant loan, Crediter is still there for you. 

How to get a loan now with bad private credit

With bad private credit, you have little chance of getting a loan from most banks. Your credit application may still be accepted by the banks. However, if the negative entries in the private credit become known in the course of the credit check, you will very quickly receive a rejection.

Why you often have no chance with bad private credit

A bad private credit usually means that you are no longer creditworthy at many banks – no matter how void the reason for your negative entry may actually be. The employees of the banks with the big names are simply not interested in the background.

But that does not mean you just have to put up with this ignorance. You can take countermeasures and search your instant loan online. With Crediter, you have a competent partner at your side, with whom you can easily and quickly reach your destination. With cre credit you can in many cases even get a bad private credit credit.

Loan request with bad private credit

Loan request with bad private credit

What differentiates a loan application for credit from a request that you make, for example, at your local bank? The answer: a lot. Because cre-credit begins where others stop, only correctly. You have a bad private credit or already existing obligations? Cre-credit still tries to find the best possible solution for you.

The donors and brokers with whom Crediter works together are not deterred by one or the other negative private credit entry. They know very well that many consumers are in a difficult situation without being responsible. And lenders do not want to “punish” those affected with a premature cancellation – they want to help if possible. This is why some of Crediter’s banking partners are also characterized by particularly generous acceptance criteria.

A fair chance – even if the house bank has refused

Even if you have failed at your local bank or at various other banks with your loan request: Try it anyway still with Crediter. In fact, you have absolutely nothing to lose because your request to Crediter is not linked to any costs or obligations. You will receive a personal offer free of charge, which you can check in peace at home. You only call the proposed loan if you are really convinced. Otherwise, simply delete the offer again. Of course Crediter can not guarantee in advance that you will definitely get a loan. But the chances are much better here in many cases. Here it goes directly to the online loan application.

A loan must suit you

Credit immediately

What makes a good loan? For most people, the lowest possible interest rates are most likely to occur. The cheaper you can borrow the money from the bank, the better. Crediter therefore invests a lot of time and energy in finding the best loan for its clients. It is not uncommon for experts to ask 10, 15 or even more lenders to find really satisfactory terms.

The right loan for you

But Crediter also knows that there is another important criterion for a good loan: The financing must fit the borrower. Specifically, this means that the sum must be high enough for the planned investment to be realized or for the overdrawn account to be settled. But it must never be so high that there are problems with the repayment. The rates must therefore be in reasonable proportion to disposable income. We pay attention to this in the course of the exam.

How much credit can you afford?

The goal is not to find the highest possible loan as fast as possible. Instead, it’s about finding the optimal financing for every single prospect. Openness therefore includes the statement that not every loan seeker can actually receive the desired loan. Sometimes it turns out that funding would make the situation worse rather than better. Crediter then advises against new debt. It also happens that a loan is possible in principle, but that the interested party has to cut back on the sum. Crediter then creates a free quote based on the highest possible sum. Crediter would like to help you not only fast but also sustainably. Therefore, the experts are very careful that your financing does not overwhelm you.

Transparent loan advice without pre-payment

Transparent loan advice without pre-payment

From Crediter’s point of view, honest, open and completely transparent advice is indispensable. So it is no coincidence that Crediter has enjoyed an excellent reputation for more than 40 years now. Responsibility and fairness are the leitmotifs in daily activities. You can rest assured that your request from Crediter is in good hands and will be handled with absolute seriousness. You will receive a free and non-binding fair offer. You decide if you want to take the loan. And of course you alone decide what you want to use the money for. Would you like to experience for yourself how Crediter can help you? Then it’s best to immediately submit your loan request now. That does not cost a cent and obliges you to nothing.

What advantages a loan without private credit offers

Compared to a traditional loan, a loan without private credit offers you some advantages. You will experience the first significant difference to normal loans when making the loan request and the following credit check. Normally, a data query from private credit is part of the standard program for the bank. If you apply for a loan without private credit, however, the data exchange with the credit report is waived. Therefore, a private credit-free loan is also suitable for those who have negative information.

What makes a loan without private credit

With normal loans, the negative features sometimes turn out to be insurmountable hurdles. The private creditfreie variant, however, is also to get a very bad private credit. The elimination of the data exchange between the lending bank and private credit brings another advantage: the loan is not stored at the private credit and thus remains practically “invisible” for other banks, for companies etc. For this reason, the special financings are also as second-hand loans very popular. You can take them in addition to existing loans without affecting the current loans. No data transfer with the private credit means much more discretion than with other loans.

A loan without private credit is discreet

To ensure that this discretion is maintained, Crediter treats your request in strict confidence. Your details are safe with Crediter, and you can rely on speedy processing without any cost. If your loan is approved without private credit, you can have the money transferred to your account. However, if your bank does not get wind of credit without private credit, this is not an optimal solution. Finally, the receipt of payment then appears in the system of the bank and on your account statements. That’s why Crediter offers you a cash payment of the loan by mail. You then receive your money in a neutral envelope directly to your home.

The guidelines for a non-private credit loan are less stringent than for normal funding. This often makes borrowing possible even in very difficult cases. However, the loan amounts are limited. Whether your financing request can be realized as a loan without private credit, you can now find out with no pre-cost with your loan request. The online form is available 24 hours a day. You will receive a free and completely non-binding offer.