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If you want to apply for a loan in 10 minutes then I assume that you want to have it in your account quickly. In the past it was still the case that you had to go to a bank in your best assets to apply for a loan, you had to hand over whole heaps of paper and the application process also took weeks before it was completed. Also the interest at traditional banks is still many percents higher than if you do this easily and quickly online. But exactly how much can you save if you want to apply for an online loan in 10 minutes?


Quick payment direct payday loan

There are of course many different loans that you can apply for, but if you use here for payment direct payday loan the online application can be completed within 10 minutes, sometimes even faster. Whether you are talking about a mini loan, a revolving credit, a personal loan or a mortgage, nowadays you can do it all easily from home on your own computer. You will of course still have to send certain documents so that the lender can check whether a loan is justified in your specific case, but this can all be done by email.


Mini loan in 5 minutes

The mini loan is actually the only form of borrowing that you can only request online, a mini loan is intended as an advance on your salary and varies from 100 euros to a maximum of 1500 euros. You apply for a mini-loan in 5 minutes, after which you are asked to send a number of documents by email, your application is quickly viewed and also paid quickly. If you want to borrow money with bkr, the mini-loan is ideally suited for this because no assessment is carried out at the Credit Registration Office (bkr) when applying.


Revolving credit

With a revolving credit you have a choice whether you want to do this online or would you rather go to a bank. In general you can take out a revolving credit from 2,500 euros. this form of borrowing is particularly popular in the Netherlands because with this loan you always have a cash reserve in hand if something needs to be replaced or repaired quickly, it also owes its popularity to the fact that there is no fixed end time for the loan to be met. In this way you can simply withdraw amounts that you have already repaid.


Personal loan

You actually only use a personal loan if you are going to make a large expense in one go, think of buying a car. This is often a lot cheaper than when you take out a loan with the company where you will make a major purchase. The advantage of the personal loan is that the interest is fixed and the end time is fixed. You can of course simply take out a personal loan online within 10 minutes, there are many providers who can offer you a low interest rate. At the time of writing, the lowest interest rate was 4.7%.


More information about borrowing money

borrowing money

Before you take out a loan, it is advisable to keep yourself well informed about the things to look out for. For more information, take a look at the nibud website, where you will not only find a lot of information, but there are also useful tools that you can use to calculate whether it is a good idea to take out a loan in your case. You will find a saving guide, a comparator for your pension, a money plan study guide for the children, but also a weekly expenditure and income guide. And of course also information about taking out a loan for the elderly with lots of useful tips and examples.

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