Adelaide’s push into city national park hits milestone



An important milestone for the National Park City movement of Adelaide was taken with the filing of Adelaide’s submission to the UK-based international governing body.

Green Adelaide submitted Greater Adelaide’s candidacy to become the Next National Parks City, initiating a three-week online review process by the Global National Park City Foundation.

Environment and Water Minister David Speirs said Adelaide’s push to become a national park city has been a huge effort and will have economic, environmental and welfare benefits for our city. today as well as for future generations.

“We are already the third liveliest city in the world, and becoming the second national park city in the world will help further promote our existing green and natural spaces and inspire the creation of new ones in the city and the suburbs,” said Minister Speirs.

“The push was led by Green Adelaide, with new ground rewilding projects such as reintroducing the platypus to the Torrens, creating a more butterfly-friendly city, improving habitat and awareness of Adelaide raptor species, as well as street plantations.

“Adelaide’s journey to becoming a national park city has been about building awareness, curiosity and capacity about our environment, as well as securing support from government agencies, non-government organizations, ‘businesses and communities.

“I believe Adelaide deserves to be recognized as a national park town. I have no doubt that such a title will be adopted by our community. It will be a catalyst for further changes for the benefit of the well-being of all. “

Professor Chris Daniels, chairman of the board of directors of Green Adelaide, said being a national park town will help inspire change in urban design and decision-making in greater Adelaide.

“It’s about inspiring everyone to come together and work towards a common vision of a way of life connected to nature,” said Prof Daniels.

“Being named the second national park city in the world – a title that would only be shared with London – would also be important recognition for South Australia and help us work together on the connections between people and nature,” Kaurna Yerta (country) and the community.

“The status would bring global recognition to Adelaide’s environment, attract visitors and allow more investment and interest in nature-based tourism, as well as attract more funding for innovative environmental projects. Most importantly, it will help bring people and nature closer together and lead to great environmental health benefits for our city. “

Professor Daniels added that Adelaide’s submission to National Park City came to life with the magnificent works of art created by emerging artist Lucinda Penn.

“His artwork adds a fun, engaging and creative touch to our official submission that celebrates our vibrant culture,” he said.

“We would love to see this magnificent piece of art from the city of Adelaide National Park reproduced as murals in Greater Adelaide.

“These murals can help spread awareness, be a great way for businesses to show their support, connect people with Adelaide’s unique wildlife, and add pops of color throughout our city.”

Young artist and designer Lucinda Penn said that she truly enjoys creating the city’s artwork in Adelaide National Park and that it is exciting to be part of an international sustainable development movement.

“My piece represents Adelaide in an abstract and colorful way from the hills to the sea, from a platypus in the Torrens, to our iconic landscape of hills, as well as parks and vineyards and the Mall’s Balls,” Ms. Penn said. .

“I hope to see my works appear all over the city and suburbs of Adelaide to bring people together and help them connect with nature.”

Adelaide’s candidacy to become a national park city is currently being assessed by the International National Park City Foundation. Adelaide’s assessment will take place November 8-24, with a decision expected in early December 2021. To download a copy of the 84-page submission document and pledge your support, visit:

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