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About 50 autistic children were treated to skateboarding lessons on Saturday at professional skater Ryan Sheckler’s private indoor skatepark in San Clemente at a clinic presented by the A.skate Foundation.

Crys Worley, 28, a mother of two, founded the A.skate association a few years ago after encouraging her 7-year-old to try skateboarding. Her fiance owns a skateboard shop, and the first time they took their son Sasha to a skate park, they noticed he seemed more relaxed.

A.skate works on the idea that repetitive skateboarding movements help calm symptoms of autism. Organized events are free for participants and their families and are supported by fundraisers.

People with autism, which are caused by brain abnormalities, often experience distress when routines change. They feel they have to perform repeated movements and usually have communication problems. Children often prefer to play alone.

Worley tried to enroll his son in several sports, including karate and basketball, but karate made him more violent and his need for particular movements made it difficult to play a group sport like basketball. ball, she said. The repetitive back and forth and the vibes of skateboarding attracted her, she says.

“I’m one of those mothers who have tried absolutely everything,” said Worley. “With skateboarding, all I have to do is find a board that’s his favorite color and it’s good.”

Children with autism often show a strong attachment to objects. They may also experience difficulty in social situations. Skateboarding allows them to be both social and independent.

Worley, a resident of Alabama, travels the country organizing skateboarding clinics with other volunteers. For the San Clemente clinic of A.skate, Upper Class Label, an emerging boutique clothing brand from Corona Del Mar, hosted the event with the help of Sheckler and his family, who donated their private skate park. as the location.

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