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Colwood already owns a number of parks and is thrilled to have the chance to develop a National Urban Park through a new Parks Canada program. (Zoe Ducklow / Press Staff)

Colwood vying for National Urban Park funding

Parks Canada pursues a new strategy for cities with a budget of $ 130 million

Colwood is on a shortlist for Parks Canada’s new National Urban Parks program, which aims to bring nature back to cities.

Parks Canada recently announced that it is allocating $ 130 million for urban park development, noting in particular the potential in Colwood, Winnipeg, Halifax, Windsor, Edmonton and Montreal, and a safe plan in Meewasin Valley in Saskatoon.

Restrictions inside the pandemic have pushed people into parks, highlighting the need for more parks in cities where 72% of Canadians live, according to Parks Canada.

The federal organization also highlighted the importance of nature in protecting against extreme weather events, absorbing water to prevent flooding, capturing carbon and keeping biodiversity alive.

Colwood has no further details, saying only that he is delighted to be considered and that consultation with local First Nations and the community are the next steps.

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