Debate begins on Windsor West MP’s Ojibway National Urban Park Bill


Windsor West MP Brian Masse began the first hour of debate on his private member’s bill to create the Ojibway National Urban Park in the House of Commons.

The proposed national park would include Ojibway Park, Spring Garden Natural Area, Black Oak Heritage Park, Tallgrass Prairie Park, Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Preserve and Ojibway Shores.

Masse says he believes the proposal is a no-brainer.

“And, Madam Chair, when we look at the bill itself and as a whole, we have the opportunity to act. If we sit on our hands and feel sorry for ourselves – if we can’t do it – then we miss out on unique opportunities. This one is simple, it’s all on public land, it’s all assembled, it’s almost ready to go. We have to do this Madam President for our future, because everything is in our interest.

Masse told the Commons the proposed area was of great ecological significance

“The property I’m talking about is very important,” he continued. “In fact, part of the property has 130 endangered species and is a hot spot and a connection not only with the United States, which is also looking at this legislation in a very favorable context, but also with other parties. of Ontario. and Canada, because there are migratory patterns, and there are also other environmental connections”

He says this proposed national park is a beacon of hope for people who feel they have no say in climate initiatives.

“You see what’s happening with climate change, the ability for people to engage has been dampened in some ways because people feel it’s out of their control. They feel like it’s not “There’s no way to have a co-relationship with that. And that’s what I find a difference in that regard. They find that this project gives hope and the opportunity to have a real result” , did he declare.

Masse added that establishing the park would preserve the last remaining shoreline and give a more unaltered natural presence to the area.

The second hour of debate and voting at second reading will take place in late May or early June.


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