Dog owners prosecuted for bathing dogs in waterfall inside Thai national park


The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Flora has sued dog owners who brought dogs and bathed them in a waterfall inside Khao Luang National Park in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat . Authorities said pets were banned from entering Thailand’s national parks to prevent the spread of disease from the urban area.

A social media account posted photos of a man and woman enjoying a stunt with their two dogs to a Facebook group.

“I know you like dogs, but you should think of others. At Phrom Lok waterfall, the dogs enjoyed the upper waterfall while the rest of the tourists swam in the lower waterfall.

The post went viral and many Thai netizens shared their opinions, saying that many humans are also messing up the waterfall.

“Did you also know someone who peed in the water?”

“Look around… someone might be having sex nearby too.”

“Stay home if you are worried.”

Even though many Thais thought it was okay to share the waterfall with pets, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants had to prosecute dog owners for breaking park rules. The authority told Thai media that pets are banned from entering national parks due to the risk of spreading certain diseases to native animals.

The authority did not announce the exact prosecutions or penalties dog owners would face. According to Thai media, dog owners could be fined up to 100,000 baht for violating orders from national park authorities and bringing pets into the national park without permission.

THE SOURCE: Channel 3 | MGR online


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