Excitement grows for Windsor National Urban Park


The collaborative agreement signed to create a national urban park in Windsor was celebrated Monday morning with Minister Karina Gould at Ojibway Park.

Although no money has been committed, the federal government has earmarked $130 million for the creation of seven parks across Canada.

“We haven’t seen the allocation, but we know the roadmap, and it’s the legislation, so if that gets us there, but the reality is we have to get the legislation to get our own Point Pelee in the town of Windsor. So I’m excited about the possibility as we move forward,” said Windsor West MP Brian Masse.

Gould said legislation is not the only way to go when developing Canada’s national urban park system.

“The hope is that we don’t necessarily need legislation for every urban park we create across the country,” Gould said. “The idea is that through these partnerships with different levels of government, with different organizations, different entities that are landowners, we can create something that will manage and protect and preserve the land that will hopefully become a park. national urban.”

Masse, who has been advocating for a national urban park in the area for years, believes legislation is the best way forward to protect the property from further development.

“Otherwise it’s just going to be deals that can be changed without a democratic process and that’s something that, if we invest this money and this time and this energy, we would want to have at the end of the day,” Masse said. .

A map provided by the City of Windsor showing the land under consideration for becoming a National Urban Park.

No timeline has been established for the consultation or the creation of the park.


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