Gretzky wants province to join national urban park talks



Windsor West MP Lisa Gretzky is calling on the province to join discussions to create a national urban park in Windsor.

The Province of Ontario currently owns and manages the Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve adjacent to Ojibway Park.

“It’s a beautiful region, a lot of people have visited the different parts of it. But connecting it would be huge for our community and for other people who come to our community, and it would benefit our economy by having ecotourism, ”said Gretzky.

Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve, October 2021 (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Gretzky sent a letter to Premier Doug Ford and the Minister of the Environment asking them to participate in talks with the city and the federal government.

She started a petition to present to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario calling on MPPs to initiate discussions, transfer land to the federal government and work with local Indigenous peoples to protect the land and its species in Endangered.

“That way we can all come together and put pressure on the provincial government to come to the table now. To start having these conversations now while the Federal Government, Municipality and Caldwell First Nations have these important conversations, ”said Gretzky.

Just before the election, the federal government pledged to begin these discussions to create a national urban park connecting Ojibway Park, Spring Garden Natural Area, Black Oak Heritage Park, Tallgrass Prairie Park, the provincial nature reserve and Ojibway Shores.

However, at the time, the government did not commit to putting in place a law to protect the park. Windsor West MP Brian Masse said that would be a mistake and that he plans to introduce legislation in the new year that would create a national urban park that would be protected like other national parks across the country.



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