Haiti – Environment: Minister Jouthe visits the Martissant National Urban Park



Haiti – Environment: Minister Jouthe visits the Martissant National Urban Park
04/09/2019 10:33:06 AM

Haiti - Environment: Minister Jouthe visits the Martissant National Urban Park

Joseph Jouthe, Minister of the Environment, at the head of a delegation made up of members of his Cabinet and senior officials of the Ministry was received by Ms. Michèle Duvivier Pierre-Louis, President of the Knowledge and Freedom Foundation (FOKAL) for a guided tour, last week, of the urban park of Martissant better known under the name “Habitation Leclerc” (declared of public utility in 2007 and protected area since 2017). Former home of General Leclerc offered to his wife Pauline Bonaparte, the Park is made up of 5 different properties spread over approximately 18 hectares.

Minister Jouthe was taken to the different areas of the Park, in particular, to the Memorial of January 12, 2010, the Medicinal Plants Garden https://www.haitilibre.com/article-9100-haiti-social- creation-of-a -jardin-of-medicinal-plants.html and at the “Catherine Dunham” Cultural Center.

According to the minister, this rare wooded area of ​​the capital is a jewel and a great reserve of the country’s biological diversity. According to specialists, the Park is home to 6 orders, 17 families, 25 species divided into 23 genera and 6 endemic species out of the 31 known in Haiti.

While welcoming the efforts of FOKAL which assumes the management of this heritage, Jouthe took the opportunity to express his desire to support the Foundation of Clan Chiefs in the preservation and rehabilitation of the environment in general and promised to develop actions with FOKAL, in particular watersheds, biodiversity and sanitation.

Ms. Pierre-Louis regretted that so far, beyond the promises of commitments made by the State to support FOKAL in its task, Parc Martissant only benefits from the support of international donors. Recalling that this site is above all a botanical garden, is versatile, it is also a cultural, educational and recreational space.

While reaffirming its desire to ensure better management of the Park, it pleads for a real partnership with the Ministry in charge of the application of the 2017 decree declaring the National Park of the Protected Area of ​​Martissant, for the realization of ” actions that respect the environment and generate income for local residents. communities.

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