Hartford residents use scooters to celebrate National Parks Day



HARTFORD, Connecticut, (WTNH) – People are occupying parking lots around the world, including a space right behind Hartford City Hall.

For the folks who dropped off their scooters in Hartford today, they turn a parking spot into something a bit special because today is National Parks Day.

It may take you a minute to familiarize yourself with one of the scooters. But once you download the app, everything becomes easier.

“We’re looking at micro-mobility and alternative modes of transportation, and really trying to promote safety and how can we make cities more accessible without using cars,” said Meesh Zucker, city planner at Superpedestrian.

Park (ing) started in 2015 to reinvent parking and public spaces in cities and encourage art, play and activism. So today, people around the world are making parking spaces their own and showing residents and cities how we can transform them.

Today we have 10 scooters that replace a parked car to show how spaces take scooters instead of cars.

“We encourage people to ride them,” Zucker said. “They are spread all over the city. If you download the app, you can find them. And we hope that they will start to supplement or supplant the car trips of the inhabitants.

If you’re stopping here in downtown Hartford today, download the app. You get a free two-minute ride and you can take one of the helmets home.



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