Indiana Dunes National Park Considering Entrance Fees Local News



Park officials are still working on details regarding how visitors will be paid, but current plans call for the fee to be paid at the visitor center, west beach entrance station and online. No additional entry station is planned. Signs throughout the park will explain to visitors how to pay the fees.

Entrance fees to National Park Service sites are determined by park type, according to a pricing structure that the Parks Service created in 2006 to simplify and standardize entry fees to parks of similar types. The dunes would normally be in the highest cost group as a national park, but the park has stated that due to its proximity to a large urban population, it will use the tariff structure for national shores, recreation areas , monuments, lake shores and historic parks. .

The parks service also noted that it has passes giving access to all federal lands for an entrance fee, and that it will waive fees for eligible schools and other educational groups participating in outings on the park. ground. Information on all passes and how to obtain them is available at

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Group camps, explored hinterlands

Indiana Dunes National Park is also seeking public comment on the addition of a group campsite in the Dunbar Beach area and six backcountry campsites located about a quarter mile to the east of the Central Avenue Beach area. Unlike some true backcountry sites, visitors would be required to camp at specific sites in the central backcountry. The wooded campsites are located on the sites of old houses in order to reduce the impact on the natural resources of the park.



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