New Restaurant Announcement from Acclaimed DC Team for Private Park in Crystal City



A new restaurant called Surreal arrives in the private park space in front of a Crystal City office building.

“Surreal” will offer both indoor and outdoor dining in the park at 2121 Crystal Drive. This comes from “the renowned team behind DC’s critically acclaimed restaurants. Seven reasons and Imperfecto, ”according to a press release.

As reported last December, landowner JBG Smith had been looking for a few years to set up a restaurant in the little-used outdoor space, successfully gaining County Council permission to do so on two separate occasions.

In 2018, the county council approved a plan for two restaurants for the green space at 2121 Crystal Drive, which currently includes walking trails, trees, a field, a lighted gazebo, and seating. JBG Smith returns to County Council with a new plan that would combine the two restaurants into one larger restaurant.

The current bid for a 5,640-square-foot space, dubbed “Dining in the Park,” reflects improvements made in response to feedback from potential restaurateurs, Taylor Lawch, vice president of development, said in a statement.

“We are delighted with our proposal to further activate Crystal Drive and an adjacent public plaza with full food and beverage service,” Lawch said.

In a press release, JBG said the restaurant would be “a seamless indoor / outdoor dining destination located in the newly transformed National Landing submarket.” The modified park will also host herb gardens and outdoor markets, the company said, and is expected to receive county permission for patrons to take their alcoholic beverages with them into the green space of a acre.

Construction is slated to start next year, and the restaurant is slated to open in 2023.

More from the press release, below.

JBG SMITH (NYSE: JBGS), a leading owner and developer of high-quality mixed-use properties in the Washington, DC market, today unveiled Dining in the Park, a unique dining experience coming to National Landing, anchored by a new restaurant called Surreal. Conceptualized by Seven Restaurant Group – the renowned team behind the critically acclaimed DC restaurants Seven Reasons and Imperfecto – Surreal will be a seamless indoor / outdoor dining destination located in the newly transformed National Landing submarket just outside the national capital.

Surreal at Dining in the Park, which will be located in the existing park across from 2121 Crystal Drive, further strengthens National Landing as a destination for groundbreaking and innovative experiences that blend the best of city life and the urban outdoors. Surreal’s avant-garde design will be unlike any other in the area with unique hybrid spaces that can adapt to each season, making it an ideal addition to the neighborhood.

“We are delighted to partner again with the incredibly talented Seven Restaurant Group for Surreal following the successful launch of Imperfecto in the West End,” said Kai Reynolds, Director of Development for JBG SMITH. “Surreal really is a perfect fit for our vision of Dining in the Park and the larger neighborhood of National Landing. Their flavors and culinary philosophy integrated with nature will bring an accessible, yet diverse and sophisticated dining experience at any time of the day.

Anchored in lush grounds and surrounded by mature trees, Dining in the Park will feature an acre of green space intended to accommodate a variety of uses customized by Seven Restaurant Group, such as herb gardens or outdoor markets. . With a new shopping lifestyle designation, customers will be able to “sip and wander” throughout the park – an offering unlike any other in the DC metro area.

With Surreal, the Seven Restaurant Group powerhouse aims to strengthen the relationship between humans and nature throughout the setting. The restaurant will offer indoor and outdoor seating throughout the year and will feature breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that combine unique yet heartwarming flavors. In addition to the main restaurant, Surreal plans to take advantage of the surrounding open space with food carts selling gourmet street food, coffee, ice cream, beer, wine and more.

Seven Restaurant Group is made up of Managing Partner Ezequiel Vázquez-Ger, Award Winning Chef Enrique Limardo, Creative Director Valentina Story and Business Development Director Alex Alevras.

“Dining in the Park is an exciting addition to an already revolutionary neighborhood, and I’m excited to bring a unique culinary spot to National Landing,” said Chef Enrique. “Surreal’s dining atmosphere aims to excite the existing community and visitors to engage and interact with one another. It’s a chance for people to slow down and enjoy a one-of-a-kind immersive dining experience.

Construction on Dining in the Park is slated to begin in early 2022, and Surreal is slated to open in 2023.



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