Objections lodged at North York Moors National Park over house and industrial building plan for Egton Showfield

Egton, near Whitby.

Mulgrave and Egton Estates have submitted the plans which would see nine new three-bedroom family main residences on land to the north-east and east of the High Street.

Egton Parish Council and village residents have lodged their objections to the scheme.

The parish council says: “The scale and scope of this planning application, given that it involves nine dwellings, a large car park and a large number of industrial units, on a very large area of ​​predominantly agricultural land , is a major development within the rural setting of Egton, a large village in the Local Plan hierarchy.

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“There are no exceptional reasons for the application to be accepted.

“The application is not in the public interest and does not meet any of the four criteria set out on page 47 of the local plan.

“There is no compelling reason why this large number of industrial units should be suitable for such a rural setting.

“We argue that industrial units would actually be more suitable for a business park in Whitby.

“The car park is proposed only because the existing car park would become an access road for nine large dwellings, all built on green fields.

“Just upon consideration of Strategic Policy D above, the planning request should be denied.”

Residents of Egton have also raised objections with the national park.

One villager, Paul Smith, said the option of moving the show outside of Egton would be a “deadly nail in the history and way of life of our little village”.

Miss A Higgins questioned the location of the proposed car park which she believed would be in an ideal location to create opportunities for anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Paula Grayson said the plan was “ridiculous” and added that local farmers were struggling to rent or buy pasture in the area.

James Godbold, director of Goldbold Blacksmiths Ltd, asked if industrial development would be better suited to a more urban environment, where roads and infrastructure are more appropriate.

“Villages must have a diversity of jobs for residents, and that there must be opportunities in industry, retail and services,” he said.

“However, I think Egton is well served with its current job/business opportunity sites.”

There have also been objections from Borough Council, County Highways and the North Yorkshire branch of the campaign to protect rural England.

Concerns had also been raised for the future of Egton Show, who were looking for a new venue.

But the show may take place on the show field this year on August 24 – the first since Covid hit – as plans are unlikely to be approved before then.

Show secretary Daphne Jackson said 20 acres of land next to the current site had also identified what would be available for the show from next year if the project was approved.

The program will be submitted to the planning committee of the national park on April 7.


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