Peel Proposes Urban Park for Ten Streets Waterfront


‘Central Park’ would be located south of Collingwood Dock in Liverpool Waters

A new public park is in the works as part of the next stage of Liverpool Waters development by Peel L&P. Spanning 1.9 hectares (4.7 acres), “Central Park” will be located south of Collingwood Dock. Offering direct access to parts of the canal and central docks, Peel says it will include a variety of features bringing people together to learn, play and socialize while getting closer to nature.

It’s great to be able to share our proposals and have a conversation about what a new park could mean.

The proposals for Central Park are the next phase of Liverpool Waters, a plan to turn 60 hectares of former docklands along the River Mersey into mixed-use neighborhoods. It follows investments in the Peel L&P portfolio, including Wirral Waters, where a new pocket park was recently completed and the creation of wildflower meadows in MediaCity Gardens in Salford Quays.

Map of Liverpool Waters shows the location of the park
Image: PR

Peel L&P owns and manages 12 million square feet of properties and 20,000 acres of land and water across the UK, with a total portfolio value of over £2.5 billion.

Chris Capes, Peel L&P Development Director for Liverpool Waters, said: “Green spaces have never been more important. Not only for our physical and mental health and well-being, but also as a way to absorb pollution from the air. To be able to create a new large public park in the heart of the city in an urban environment is really exciting.

“It’s fantastic to have reached this next stage of our journey. Despite the challenges of the past two years, we’ve been busy working behind the scenes, so it’s great to be able to share our proposals and have a conversation about what a new park could mean for the local community.

2020 07 10 Media City United Kingdom Gardens
The MediaCity Gardens at Salford Quays
Image: PR

Chris added, “We really want Central Park to become a destination for everyone and a place where people can visit and relax with family and friends.

“We know the quays are hugely important to everyone in the city, so our design is guided by the regenerative nature of Liverpool’s waterfront to form strong connections between people and nature. And we’re really keen to have a conversation about what people like to see in parks and how they use them.

Central Park Liverpool Peel Waters Ten Streets Cgi
Artist’s impression of the new ‘Central Park’
Image: PR

From walking to water sports, the Peel L&P team behind the proposal is now inviting people to tell them what they would like to see in the new park and how they could use it.

Two informal walk-in sessions will be held on Thursday 12 May, 4-7pm, at Ten Streets Social, 8 Regent Rd, Liverpool, L3 7BX and Monday 16 May, 4-7pm, Silvestrian Suites, Silvester Street, Liverpool L5 8SE.

You can also submit comments via the Liverpool Waters website.

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