Rouge National Urban Park gears up for busy Labor Day weekend



Parks Canada is increasing its staff at Rouge Park in anticipation of the arrival of many visitors over the Labor Day weekend.

If you are planning to visit Red Beach, you can help:

• Parking is limited. Arrive early, carpool, or take public transit. Consult the RougeNOW parking plan online before setting off.

• Do not bring alcohol, organize barbecues, light fireworks, or light fires on the beach.

• Throw your waste in the trash and bring a bag to make your job easier.

• Fishing, boating and picnicking are welcome. Know where each is allowed. Although a swimming area has been designated to avoid conflicts with fishermen and boaters, swimming is strongly discouraged at this time. Lifeguard services are not currently available. Storms can cause erosion or return currents, and water quality is often poor near the river outlet, approaching levels that require mandatory closure. Parks Canada and the City of Toronto are working together to restore a supervised swimming program.

• Red Beach, Twyn Rivers, Zoo Road, Bob Hunter Memorial Park and Glen Rouge Campground / Mast Trail parking lots close and lock daily at 9:00 PM for community safety. Please collect your vehicle in advance to avoid being locked in the parking lot overnight. The lots reopen between 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. every day.

• Programming in the park remains suspended due to COVID-19. Parks Canada continues to support visitors through the red email and the information line 416-264-2020. New information signs at the trailhead and day use area provide orientation and safety information.



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