Urban Park set to bring life to the streets of downtown Timmins


Now in its 11th year, the free event attracts all ages

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The Urban Park and Farmers Market in downtown Timmins is back, with the park on Wednesdays and the market on Thursdays.

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It will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. from July 6 to August 25.

Each week, the urban park will offer activities for children around themes such as superheroes, science, music and carnivals, to name a few. Nonprofits will also engage in crafting and volunteer recruitment activities, and educating the community about their missions.

Third Avenue from Pine Streets to Balsam will be closed, so people can enjoy their lunch al fresco on special patios set up for the occasion, while listening to live music.

Cindy Campbell, executive director of the Downtown Timmins Business Improvement Association, told the Daily Press that the event, which turns 11 this year, hasn’t lost momentum since going ahead during the pandemic.

“We are really excited about the urban park because we get to meet the citizens of the City of Timmins,” she said. “People come downtown and have lunch on the patios, families bring their kids for the kids programming which is so much fun for us and for them. We are so excited for our Thursday Urban Park Farmers Market. It’s a chance to meet our local farmers who work so hard to provide us with fresh produce.

The Urban Park Farmer’s Market was so popular last year that its eight vendors grew to 15 by the end of the season. All farmers are local to the Timmins District.

Behind the scenes of these successful events are Emma Laiho and Alison McManus, the summer project coordinators for Downtown Timmins, a student summer program offered by the BIA. In addition to valuable hands-on learning, the program includes training in social media, de-escalation and first aid, among others.

Laiho, who is reprising the role for the third time this year, is an aspiring teacher, “So planning the kids’ stuff is perfect,” she said.

McManus, in her second year with the BIA, is studying political science at Carleton University and plans to return to Timmins over the summers to continue working on these landmark events.

The Downtown Timmins BIA is always recruiting non-profit organizations for the urban park. Interested organizations can contact their office at 705-264-8733.


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