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Name: West half

Address: 1201 Half Street, South East

Category: Several families

West Half was designed to be an architectural outlier anchoring the Ballpark District in Washington, DC With its all-glass staircase facade mixed with yellow panels, the 10-story apartment building creates a glowing beacon for Nationals Park for visitors passing through the planned new Half Street.

“The project sets itself apart from other residential projects because of its bold design, amenity platform, range of retail stores, enhanced streetscape environment, and unique views directly to the park. that complement and nurture the energy of the game. day of experience, ”Tony Greenberg, executive vice president of development at JBG SMITH, told Commercial Observer.

Playing on this proximity, the building’s unique multi-story cantilever design allows each floor above the third to retreat from Half Street, creating oversized terraces with views directly to the stadium.

“Thanks to the creativity of our design and engineering teams, we have been able to give more than half of the units this fun perspective, allowing residents and superfans to enjoy baseball from the comfort of their own homes.” , Greenberg said.

Eran Chen, founder and executive director of design firm ODA, which was responsible for the design of the 456-unit building, said his goal was to take advantage of this emerging new neighborhood by introducing a new type of architecture and creating a new mold for others to follow.

“DC has a lot of boring architecture, but this new neighborhood offered the opportunity to inject something smart, sophisticated and modern, which the market demanded,” he told CO. JBG Smith asked us to develop an innovative approach that would comply with strict Washington DC regulations, while also creating something iconic for the neighborhood. We all believed that ‘if you build it, they will come’, and of course, the building is 98% leased. ”


Some West Half units were originally intended to be condos, but after JBG SMITH’s split from Vornado Realty Trust in 2017, the company pivoted to a new plan that included rentals only and used the penthouse space for additional community amenities.

The building opened in the fall of 2019, achieving LEED Gold certification by incorporating sustainable strategies such as cisterns that collect water for the building’s irrigation, as well as extensive green spaces that occupy 50% of the roof. .

“In addition to the best-in-class views of Nationals Park, we’ve created a two-story amenity penthouse that offers tenants an unparalleled experience even from a stadium skybox,” said Greenberg. “Sophisticated retreat for residents even in the off-season, the penthouse features a floor-to-ceiling wall of glass that peels apart, blending the interior with a large outdoor patio and pool deck.”

West Half residents also have access to a fitness center, 24/7 concierge and housekeeping services, bicycle storage, and on-site parking.


The site is adjacent to Nationals Stadium, home of the Washington MLB team.

Chan noted that West Half is located on a site that had many constraints: it was too wide for an efficient dual-load residential building, but too narrow for a typical courtyard building.

“These constraints, coupled with DC’s strict regulations on private buildings, have led to a complete rethink of what an iconic design might mean here,” he said. “The resulting design breaks the conventional mass of the DC building to create something more intimate, more connected to the streetscape and the neighborhood. “

West Half’s retail mix has been carefully curated by the JBG SMITH team to complement the existing retail business in their adjacent rental property, 1221 Van.

“By placing the entrances to the residential buildings on Van Street, we were able to create an adjoining storefront along Half Street, which helped make the corridor an iconic thoroughfare in the heart of the district,” said Greenberg. “From a design standpoint, we fitted the street-level facades with roll-up garage doors to create a truly seamless retail and restaurant experience. “

Design features:

West Half’s airy and energetic interiors are themselves pockets of excitement, defined by gently angled elements, minimalist details, and a few tectonic finishes.

“The building’s interior-exterior connection is enhanced by such features as the large indoor gym, which is connected to the adjacent interior courtyard, as well as the landscaped rooftop pool and resident lounges,” Chan said. “Another of our favorite design features are the planters built into each of the private terraces, which feature an automated watering device, allowing the facade to grow and evolve with the seasons. It adds a dynamic and lively factor to the already lively yellow balconies.

The design of West Half became part of the revitalization of the Navy Yard.

“West Half is an expression of what the future of city life can be,” Chan said. “The cascading terraced facade visually connects neighbors and promotes community beyond the walls of the building. The fractal nature of the design creates a language that speaks to residents as well as to the public viewing the building from the street. We like to believe that these different points of interaction will lead to a better quality of life for all who experience it.

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