Yellowstone National Park sets September 2021 visitation record



Enthusiastic travelers continue to choose safe ways to get out and see the world without getting too close to anyone. One popular way to do this, of course, has been to spend time outdoors, making national parks like Yellowstone a hit with people with a major thirst for travel coupled with safety concerns.

In fact, Yellowstone National Park just broke a new monthly attendance record in September, the US National Park Service said in a press release. About 872,695 people visited Yellowstone in September, a 4% increase from the same month a year earlier. In August, Yellowstone welcomed a record number of visitors, with over 920,000 people flocking to take in the views and all the area has to offer.

“Never in the history of Yellowstone have we seen such a large increase in the number of visits in such a short period of time,” Superintendent Cam Sholly said in the statement. “We will continue to work with our teams and partners to develop and implement appropriate short and long term actions to manage the increase in visits to the park. “

Yellowstone isn’t just breaking month-to-month records, either. In 2021 alone, the national park welcomed 4,463,599 visitors, according to CNN. To put that into perspective for you, Wyoming’s population is only around 586,107.

With its growing popularity, Yellowstone officials warn that those who want to visit should plan to do so in advance and be prepared for crowds, potential wildlife encounters, and all that Mother Nature has to offer. Areas of the park, including Old Faithful, Midway Geyser Basin, Norris, Canyon rims, and Lamar Valley, are typically the most crowded.



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